Strolling around with Pailaharu

On Saturday morning, I went to Sunrise Farm with some friends where we did a pilot session for Pailaharu, a project by a friend. We strolled around the farm, learnt about permaculture and wrote/doodled there. Here’s what I wrote and doodled.


Let’s assume that I am the center of the universe. I am, after all, made up of almost each element this universe is made up of. I have my own time and space continuum, although I neither know the spelling or the meaning of the word. I have hydrogen & oxygen, carbon & nitrogen, all over my body. I am composed of millions of living organisms in the form of cells that are trying to keep me alive. Like universe, I am always in motion. It’s funny how we look up to the stars to feel so tiny while we can just sit near a giant tree and still feel the same. But stars are luminous while we have to burn the trees down. And it’s funny how trees and we share the same soul. It is a living organism with millions of cells just like in us. The only difference is that it’s cells have outer wall while our don’t. And to realize that we both came from the same single cell organism, which might or not might be living inside us and that we both share same fate – of death and going back to where we came from is also interesting. The only difference is that trees give as much as they get from the universe while we only get and refuse to give back.



The first doodle shows me sitting under a tree and thinking about the universe. The second doodle shows how trees/plants and humans aren’t that different. The third doodle is supposed to show how I, tree and the universe are the same.




He and I
are always at war
with each other
but most of the times
with ourselves.

It all starts with a slight change
in our schedule
in our daily lives
in our routines.
And he is always the one who changes things around.
I have someone to take care of.
I end up letting someone go.
I end up realizing letting go was a mistake.
I lose someone forever.

Right when I am coming to my sense
right when things are falling into places
right when I am finally making peace
he comes around with a bang
and the world crash down upon me
and we are back to square one.
We are in war.

Sometimes I feel like I am Afghanistan
I am always in war
I am always in ruin.
He and I
could’ve been bestfriends
but he always breaks my heart
and leaves
right when I am getting used to him
he always comes around with a sorry
right when I am getting used to without him
and everything starts all over again.
We end up being at war
with each other,
but mostly with ourselves.