Letting go.

“How can you let go of people easily?” he asked.

“By giving them time and space, when they are sad. By not asking them what’s happening time and again when they say they don’t want to talk about it. By trying not to worry about them when they tell you not to do so. By realizing that you’re not important or close to them as you thought to be, after all people do share what happened when things go wrong no matter how closed off they are.

And every time, you feel like you’re starting to get worried, distract yourself. Read books – on loss, on happiness, on moving on. Watch a new tv series or movies – tragic, comedy, action. Go on vacations – with your family, other friends or alone. Take classes – dance, ceramics, kickboxing. Learn about politics, science and development. Attend events. Meet new people. Make new friends. Experience the world. Write about these experiences. Share them with your other friends.

And finally, resolve to start fresh.

So that when you meet them next time, you will realize that you’ve grown, and evolve into something else. Something they won’t be able to relate with. And when you talk to them, you will realize that they no longer understand who you are and who you’ve become. And you are a perfect stranger to them. That’s how you can let go of people easily. Because if someone isn’t ready to share what’s bugging them, if someone needs time and space from you during the bad times, then know that you never mattered enough at the first place.”


Another day.

Sometimes, as you sit somewhere in the corner, you think.

Images of burnt books haunt you and wish of helping them strikes you. But how? All that you have been doing is sit and do nothing else.

There are so many things you want to write about. 3 poems in your mind waiting to be immortal in the paper or your Facebook notes. But besides performing in an empty room and shouting them, there is nothing else you have been doing as well.

You tell your friends about stories you wish to write and lessons you wish to learn. And yet, you stare at the blank computer screen and waste another day. Or is it even wasting?

You wish that you’d been meditating, or wondering about stuffs haunting you, asking or questioning or even better answering instead. Than just lying in the corner, staring at the space.

But the corner is your home for now. The space your entertainment. You are in a sleep mode, the waken phase is long way to go.



Sometimes all you need is a person, not whole lot of them.

Me ( To everyone) : I am SAD.

They: Why?

Me: Because I didn’t get what I asked for.

They: And what’s that?

Me: Time. (sobbing inside).

They: What time?

Me (To myself ): (Sobbing bad inside.) I definitely need a best-friend with whom I can share this so that I don’t have to share my stuffs with every single person online.