Kathmandu knows me too well.

Kathmandu doesn’t flinch
when I openly flirt with Patan and Pokhara.
He doesn’t show any sign of envy or anger,
he pretends not to notice.
But when the night comes
and the cities are fast asleep,
Kathmandu slides into my bed and hugs me tightly.

“When I closed my door for you,
I didn’t want you to go and open your heart
to the next city you meet,”
he says,
I wanted you to explore the world,
experience new thing,
meet New York,
have a summer fling with San Francisco,
date Rome
have a one night stand with Istanbul
and possibly settle down with London.”

Before I could protest,
he kissed me softly,
making me change my mind.
Kathmandu knows me too well.
Kathmandu knows me too well.


One trip

We are staring at the blue green lake,
sitting on a blue plank of wood,
“It’s going to rain”, you say
I look down on my white dress and smile.
There were so many things on our list
we haven’t crossed out still
but today is our last day here.
I want to hold your hand forever
but I know forever only lasts now
we never know about tomorrow.

Remember that time,
when you’d asked me to runaway with you
with only few grands in our hand
and I laughed.
We were naive then
we are naive now
because I do want to ask you to runaway with me
but I don’t know if we will survive
even a day.

“We’re just 23,”
you tell me when I say what would happen to us,
“we don’t have to worry about tomorrow”
And I smile,
because right at that moment,
when I realize that one day our love might fade away,
I begin to cherish each moment with you.
Like holding hands
while staring at the blue green lake
on a blue plank
wishing it would rain.