Written in the Stars

Ever since I was a child, I was intrigued every time I looked up in the sky. The tiny stars that twinkled as if the sky was filled with lights that illuminate the world left me speechless. But this does not mean that I am a star-gazer. Believe me I’m not. I tend to watch stars only when I’m in mood or have nothing else to do or worse, I’m in some kind of trouble with my ever-questioning mind. Stars always seem to help me in answering my questions, at least some of them. Till now, they have helped me to understand life and people living it in their own way.

The first lesson I had learnt by gazing at stars was by comparing them with humans. I was probably in my high school or may be during my early college days. I came to the conclusion that human beings are similar to the stars up above. Each of us like the stars seem similar to each other when looked upon in surface but turn out to be unique and similar when studied in deep level. Stars are like humans or living beings in so many cases. They get born, they shine brightly and one day they die. Some shine brighter than the others, while some other take time to come to their true colour. But every star goes through the same or similar phase and one day they get diminished like us, vanished from the page if the universe but remain in some other forms.

As mentioned before, I tend to turn to stars every time I have something going on in my mind. Recently, I was walking home alone like I always do. It was already twilight and the moon was already shining. As I watched the moon feeling all alone, I saw a loner star near it. Suddenly, a calm swept over me. From that time on, whenever I felt alone, I searched for that loner star and enjoyed its company. Then, I began thinking that how boring it is to be alone all the time. Every star were in groups or were at least nearer as seen from my terrace (kausi). I started doubting the idea that I had about how everyone had someone with them like black and white or dark and light or reflection and shadow or day and night and so on because that tiny star  ( of course, it’s bigger but as seen from the earth) was alone with nothing else besides it. This made me a bit sad for days and more thoughtful about my own situation.

But one day, as I was helping my uncle in the terrace, occasionally glancing the loner star, I saw another star a little far from it. And the smile rose upon my face again. This made me realize suddenly that no matter what no one is ever alone. We have our family, our friends, our neighbors, our acquaintances and our dreams with us. Well, I was assured after being saved once again by the stars and I definitely know what to do next time I’m seeking answers. 🙂