People – IV.

Some people think you represent light. Your laughter lightens up their day, they say. You somehow are always joking around, you are always full of hopes – of finding love and being happy, of chasing stars and turning dreams into reality.

Some people think you are the night. They would come to you on a full moon night but will stay away during the new moon. They think you are always sad; that you are the epitome of suffering; that you suffer too much – inside your head and outside. That you are always full of angst, anger and rants.

But your people are the ones who see that you live in the edge of darkness and the light. No, they know that there are more layers than just day and night. That you are the various shades of the sky in twilight. That you are sorted in your chaos. That you are full of life, because you’ve known death so well. That you are always laughing around because you live with sadness in your sleeve.

Some people think you represent happiness. Others think you are always sad. But your people knows that you represent ups and downs of life. And that, like life, you always move on.


Doubt my love. Doubt me.

Thank you for doubting my love,
and making me feel that
all of my feelings are just some bullshit.
I deserved it,
for I thought this was different,
‘You and I’ is different,
‘Us’ is different
but we’re not.
We’re same as everyone else.
And also you made me see
that I was correct all along,
about hearts that are meant to be broken,
and wounds made to be open,
dreams meant to be shattered,
and hopes to be torn.

Thank you for doubting
on the only thing I thought was real and true,
but now it seems
that you didn’t dig it through.
Now I know
that love doesn’t really last
and people will eventually leave.
One day,
one moment,
one second.
Thank you for doubting my love
and making me believe
that love, definitely is bullshit.