Sometimes I wish I could tell you not to fret too much. It doesn’t matter if you spend another sleepless night worrying, being sad, or angry just because there was no one to talk to when you needed the most. You should have been used to this by now. It’s always the same case no? That when you really needed someone to tell you “It’s okay, don’t fret too much” you only have yourself.


The only person who has power to destroy you is you. The only person who can make you suffer is you. The only person who can perfectly ruin your happiness is you. The only person who doubts your ability, who tries to kill your dream, who thinks you’re worthless of any good thing in the world like love.

So don’t be the villain in your story.
Starting now.

It must be hard I know, to listen to someone who only knows how to rant. Even a story she says sounds more like a rant.

Like how she feels that she is caught up in a war. Inside a jungle. Alone. Feeling scared, tired and angry at the same time. Lost. Not knowing where or how to come out. Fearing for her life. Confused about whether the war is real or just made up inside her head. Whether she is afraid about being alone or being lost.

Yet you listen to her. Patiently. Not offering anything in return. You just say your “mmm” and “ani”. And maybe that’s why she is into you. Because you listen. No matter what. You listen. To the chaos of her world. Created only by her.