Sometimes I wish I could tell you not to fret too much. It doesn’t matter if you spend another sleepless night worrying, being sad, or angry just because there was no one to talk to when you needed the most. You should have been used to this by now. It’s always the same case no? That when you really needed someone to tell you “It’s okay, don’t fret too much” you only have yourself.


6 thoughts on “01

  1. (just because there was* no one to talk)
    Its always your own selves. Actually, its your selfish side, expecting people to be there, rather than trying to be there for others. Humans, we talk about doing for others, while we always end up “fretting” on being alone. For loneliness is not a problem, taking it into consideration is.
    Most of the times, its your thoughts that make you alone. So, stop overthinking 😛

    • Thank you for correcting me. But you will have to keep this in mind that this blog is not literary blog. It is just a collection of my thoughts, mostly rants. So I get to be selfish and I get to be evil here. I can overthink all the time. If you have a problem then you don’t need to read it no?

  2. I don’t have a problem. And I am not accusing you of being selfish. I was just pointing down the thoughts that occurred to me after this read. 😀 I would certainly have not read your posts if I had any problems with them. 😛 And yes, one more query that came to me after reading this post, ” should we blame our expectations or the person at the other end ?”

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