Day IV


(A poem inspired by a word)

What does development mean?
But a widened road
and a tall building
with cement floors
and glass doors.
But a torn down house
that was 100 years old
for it came in the way
of the process in turning
galli into the road.

The old bricks
that are no longer made anymore
have now been turned into specks of dust
while the crafted windows and doors
or what’s left of them
are now stacked in the corner
to be sold.

And with the houses
and the bricks,
and the galli,
my dreams of old Kathmandu
and my yearning for the city I have never seen
but only heard in stories
too vanished.
Just because development meant
wider roads
taller buildings
with cement floors
and glass doors.




3 thoughts on “Day IV

  1. Is the word that you’ve been inspired by to write this poem “Development” ? If yes, do you think, the development should be focused on bringing the positive changes in people’s perception ?

    • Well I don’t remember the word actually but I remember coming back from a talk where they were demolishing old homes in Sunakoti in the name of Road’s expansion. For me development should focus on awaring people and giving them choices than forcing things like wide roads, rice that has to be chartered from the capital, tall buildings. 🙂

      • Yup, I agree to this, if only people are aware of the right changes that they can offer to the country, then only the country will develop

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