( A poem as a place)

I am but a four greened walls,
I am but a hollow space
but I have seen your story
getting unfolded
page by page.

I have seen the first time
you’ve held the hand
as you traced each other’s lines
as you’ve undressed each other
and yourself, letting those demons out
as you’ve shared your deepest secrets
as you’ve first uttered those three words
as you’ve smiled and laughed at each other’s jokes.

I have also seen the other side of the story
the arguments on what was happening to both of you,
the times you’ve both cried on each other’s shoulder
the times when you wondered what was going on
the times when you felt this wouldn’t work at all.

I have seen the pain in your eyes
when she told you she wanted to let go
of what you had
I have seen you staring at me
your heart drenching out with tears
you shouting at yourself silently
I have seen her crying herself to sleep
knowing that this could be a bad decision
but this had to be taken
I have seen her breaking down
seen her phasing out.

And I have seen both of you
coming to terms
of starting a fresh
of holding those hands again
of getting naked again
as you both shared your inner demons
and let them dance against the light of the moon.

I am but just a four greened walls
I am but just a hollow space
but I have seen your story come in a circle
and I have seen that there is more.


4 thoughts on “Day III

  1. Dear writer,
    this is really nice. how not only those walls have ears, but also have eyes now 😀
    and to you, what would that ‘more’ at the end of your poem be ?

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