Day II


(A poem as an advertisement for yourself)

If you ever need a friend
to talk to
to rant and whine with
to accompany you
to eat cake with
or drink coffee
or just roam around the random galli
of Patan and Kathmandu.
If you ever need someone
to remember all the less important details of your life
like your bestfriend’s boyfriend’s birthday
or your ex’s number
or your official email’s password.
If you ever need a person
to remind you of the conversation you had
with your colleague yesterday,
or a private joke shared with your friend on a phone
or a favorite quote you once kept as a status,
then you should come and find me.
For I am that friend
for the cynic in you
and I am that someone
who would absorb all the information you got
and I am that person
who would store it all
just like a sponge.


23 thoughts on “Day II

  1. Hey ! I didn’t mean to be rude. I was only showing you the possibility of a sponge turning into Bob. Sorry, if I offended you in any ways. I was just inquiring your advertisement post. So, its okay, probably I am late, or I don’t qualify. 🙂

  2. Sirius is a real character from the “Harry Potter” world. I am asking you to make me one in yours. Even if there is death at the other end, I can take that. After all, we all die one day. 🙂

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