Birthday wishes – II

Because I owe a friend his birthday wish. Because his next birthday is coming near. So here are my wishes. I pray may this year you’d been able to do following things. If not then we still have six more months to go. Be strong. No matter how hard the wind is blowing. No matter how big the hole is. Be strong. Have faith in yourself. You will survive anything. Be kind. To strangers. To your friends who sometimes fail to understand what you are talking about. To her, even if she is an asshole. But mainly to yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself. Be funny. Not just to make others laugh. Make yourself laugh. Crack jokes. Find funny moments so that you can laugh even later. Just by yourself. Create memories. With everyone. Strangers, friends, family, yourself. Create things. Either through music, words or just random papers but create things. Not because you should but because you can. And creations are always more beautiful than destructions. Make new friends. Smile to strangers. Amend your old friendship. Be confident. Because if I was you, I would probably have a YouTube channel, a soundcloud profile and tons of shares in my timeline. You are amazing. Just embrace that and go! Embrace yourself. Don’t think you are not good enough. You will never be good enough for yourself. You don’t even have to be. Just being good is enough. Love yourself. Because only then you will learn to love others. Take care of your health, your passion, your dreams. Listen to your heart and follow it. Fight for what you want. And fight to keep it with you. And finally, let go of things that are hurting you. That might seem important but don’t really matter much.


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