An open letter to Bipul Chettri

Dear Bipul,

I have a confession to make – I am not your biggest fan. Not compared to few of my friends or other people, who know each word of your song. Not compared to many who waited in line or tried every way to get your CD first. But I am still your big fan.

I don’t listen to your songs every day. I do when I need someone the most. When I cannot write a single word to express what I am feeling. When I am feeling almost nothing – the emptiness taking me with it. These are the moments, when I need to listen to someone, take my mind off the stupidest things I could ever think. These are the moments, when I listen to you because you bring these emotions out of me, even when I feel nothing.

I remember listening to you for the first time. Few years ago, a friend from States send me the no-longer-available YouTube link of Wildfire. I got immediately hooked because of the lyrics and the tone of the song. The song is a sad one but you have written it in such a fun way that it doesn’t sound like a sad song at all. While Asaar is full of nostalgia because of the way you sang it. But that’s not the point here. The point is how I feel about your songs and that’s what this letter is all about.

I have no idea why but your song has such an intimate touch. That every time I hear it, I forget about everything else. I want to immediately sit with a pen and a notebook and start scribbling whatever I can think of. That every time I hear it, I feel this urge of wanting something so bad – a good book, a good movie or just a good friend to spend a day with. Every time I listen to your songs, I feel my heart go heavier not with sadness but with your story.

I don’t know how you write all these songs. I don’t know where you get your inspirations from. But for the last few months, you’ve been my go to guy in case I can’t write a poem or a story. Because you remind me that I need to share my stories to the world. Because you bring all of my stories alive.

Dear Bipul,

Thank you for deciding to release your music to the world. Your songs make my life beautiful. Thank you for coming to Kathmandu the second time. Because yes, I missed your concert for the first time because of other priorities. But mainly, thank you for writing these songs. I hope one day, I can write as good as you if not better. I hope one day, someone will be able to read my story and get inspired to write their own in the middle of it. I hope one day, someone will write a letter like this one to me.

Thank you.


P.S. I have written letters to only 5 people till now (if the New Yorker was a person) and you are one of them.


4 thoughts on “An open letter to Bipul Chettri

  1. “I hope one day, someone will be able to read my story and get inspired to write their own in the middle of it.”

    I can imagine the amount of time and effort you have invested into this blog and it definitely inspired me to start a blog of my own. I’ve been putting it off for a terribly long time. I think I should just start. Also, loved your write-up. Cheers!

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