Things I tell myself.

If you haven’t been following what’s happening in Kathmandu, then you wouldn’t know why I had been walking to work almost every day. So this is what I told myself whole way (45 mins) while walking to work from home.

1. It’s so suffocating to see all these people in the streets. Why couldn’t they just stay at their homes? Today is supposed to be a public holiday. Dammit, I am so claustrophobic. But wait, I don’t mind crowd in Ason or Indrachowk. Why am I having problem in RNAC?

2. This road from Tudhikhel to Tripureshwor is the worst way ever. I mean, there aren’t much for entertainment besides Army men practising in the barrack (who are nowhere to be seen right now).

3. I wish I had Nightcrawler for a best friend, so that he can teleport me to work. But wait, best friends always leave right?

4. Dear Professor X, why did you never come to pick me up? I could be Storm or Jean Grey. You never know. I also never got my Hogwarts letter till last year. My life is sad.

5. (After crossing Thapathali bridge) I don’t think I can walk anymore. But I have to, I am almost there. I always give up on things, people, dreams after almost reaching.


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