Burning Bridges

I have always been that person who doesn’t like burning up bridges. I like to talk to people, no matter who they are, what they’d done, where had they gone to. I feel uncomfortable with the idea when the person you share all your darkest secrets  becomes a stranger. I hate the very idea. But in the course of life, I have also learnt that trying to save the bridge forcefully would end up hurting me. This has happened at least once before and I don’t want it to take place again.

So if someone wants to burn the bridge and pretend that I am their biggest regrets then I have realized there’s nothing I can do. Am I hurt learning that? Definitely. But right now, there are more sorrow on my plates that most of it will just pour out. Someone told me there are more important and more fun things in life – family, friends, definitely food. Let me cherish them for now. Because if one of the bridges get burnt, I can always build thousands of others.


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