The moment.

Sometimes, you’re more than just happy – a bit of excited, a bit of relieved – when you bump into people on the streets and they ask you to tag along for a journey. They, then, take you to the ride of samosas, doodh malai and soda along with laughter, jokes and just fun. During this one and half hour of journey, you forget everything else. You forget that there is someone waiting for you at that moment, you forget that there is a whole day where you do nothing but wait. You also forget all the hurdles you had to go through this morning and the hurdles left for you after reaching home. You forget about the whole world. For that very moment, your world is these three people you met in the middle of the street who took you out for lunch. For that very moment, your world is revolved around the galli of New Road. For that very moment, you world is the crowd, somehow always finding themselves back at this place, trying to make sense. And that very moment is when you’re more than just happy.


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