Dear you,
Just because I never acknowledged your presence
just because I always tried to ignore the fact that you are here
in my life, surrounding me
just because I never told you that I am afraid of you
that I really have no clue on how to deal with you
doesn’t mean you need to come and haunt me all the time.

When you first came to my life,
as a big shock,
I was busy with something else.
I had exams to concentrate on,
I had things to do,
I had chapters to revise,
I had mathematical problems to solve.
Thus, you were never there for me,
you were there like a nightmare I didn’t remember the next day.

But now you are back
and you are doing everything you can
to remind me of your existence.
And if acknowledging you
will make you stop from doing what you are doing,
then let me do that,
let me tell the world that I am afraid of you
of the fact that you might turn my world upside down
so please stop
stop spreading out
please disappear
as swiflty as you appeared
once upon a time
say goodbye.



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