I am here to understand.

Write to me about what hurts. Write to me every time you feel sad or you just want to cry. Write everything, every little details. Write me long letters or emails or just posts. You can also write when you’re happy or you discovered something exciting or you found what you were looking for. Write to me when you are excited or inspired or just full of smiles.

If you can’t write then send me your doodles. Tiny sketches and pattern on the side of your notebook when you were bored. Squares, circle or just scribbles when you were angry. Tiny figures with tears stains or coffee.

You can also send me the music you’d just recorded. The notes and tunes you just played. I will move with it. I will sway. I will close my eyes and listen to it with all my heart trying to understand.


Because that’s the only thing I want to do. I am here to understand. To know. What you are going through. All the places you’ve been through, all the roads you’ve taken. All the nooks and the darkest corners of your mind. I want to know them all. So that I can know You. Because I am here to understand – what it feels like to live with a burning soul, a broken dream, a shattered heart.

Because I want to know all your thoughts. I am not obsessed about it but I always believed I am here to listen, to read, to learn and to understand what you feel. Because I just want to know. Because I am here to understand.


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