Birthday wishes

Things haven’t been going how they were supposed to be going on these past few months.

I have been struggling with myself – at each step, and deciding what I want for my life turned out to be more difficult.

But here is what I promise you, (and myself), and hopefully will be able to keep it:

– I will be happy. Not in whatever I do, but I will do things that make me happy.

– I will work on my impulse. I have always been that girl talking to people just because I felt the need to or smile at strangers because it comes naturally or do some crazy thing on the street because hey, I love doing these things.

– I will explore – travel more, read more, write more, do new things more. I will live my life exploring this universe and life.

– I will live life in my own rules.

– I will decrease my complains (I don’t think I can totally stop them). I will enjoy more and complain less.

This time, I don’t know if I can promise/give you other things, but these are the ones I will work on more forever. And I will start by today for you always wanted me to do what is good and right for me, while I stayed plain lazy.

Thank you for love, support and every little things you’ve given me. Thank you for YOU.

Happy Birthday.



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