The grandmother

To the grandmother I have never known,
I had heard about you though,
And most probably seen your pictures
But I know that you weren’t aware about my existence,
I wish you did though,
Maybe we would make a better team
And beat everyone at the game.
And now, there is an empty bed where you used to stay
In an empty room.
I have always imagined you
In a blue sari,
And white patuka
And cream bhoto with small flowery patterns
And your white hair flying with the wind.
Your wrinkled skin.
Sitting in the bed, beside your son.
Or at the falcha outside the house
And telling stories of your golden days.
But now, I will never know
Whether you were exactly the way I imagined
Or the opposite.
And I will never hear your stories from your voice
And I will never know if you would like me at all.
To the grandmother I will never know,
I love you
And I will miss you
And I hope you are in a better place right now.


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