Day 9

(Write a poem to your murderer)

Dear you,
So you’ve made up your mind,
You’ve planned it all in your head
I think I can read the blueprint as well
how you’re gonna trap me up
and then make me go to sleep
You’re debating on whether to drug me up
or to stab me from behind
but wait, hold on to it for a second
don’t kill your brain cells for things that will not take place
for I am always two steps ahead of you
while you are wondering whether to put something in my drink
or to follow me wherever I go
I am already deciding on depth of the hole to dig in your skin
and volume of your blood I will let spill
I have already bought the chemicals that will clean
any mess you create (yes, you and not me)
as you panic
but like always I, I will stay calm and compose.

Dear you,
are you sure you want to kill me
what will you get
pleasure that will not last even a week
before you go haunt for some other girl
or even a man to kill?
or will get you get the sense of joy
by seeing my pain
that you will never get
after my death.
Instead you can tie me up,
and not let me have
any sip of drink
or chop me off
piece by piece,
but here is the thing,
I will not die,
I will never perish
I will live,
haunting you
in your thoughts,
dreams and memory
I will survive
through love
of my friends and family.

Dear you,
take a step back
and think –
what will you gain
and what will you lose
and will you succeed
when you try to kill me.


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