Day 6


(Let’s talk about sex baby! )

The sound of rain splattering over the roof brings a chill in my body,
but I am feeling feverish – inside and out.
I see her behind the curtain,
her hair falling all over her face,
her smile that seemed to tease me,
is making me feel like my heart will blow out right now.
She slowly makes her way to me,
her body gliding away,
dancing slowly,
her face glowing
under the light of the candles
makes my heart beat loud
that I am afraid everyone in the world will know.

Her black laced dress shows some of her smooth brown skin
while hiding others,
and I want to see each part,
touch them slowly
and kiss them swiftly
when she is finally near me, I pull her
and push her hair gently backward
She blushes.
Her cheeks turning red,
her eyes twinkling.
I whisper how beautiful she is to me
and she laughs.

I am left intoxicated,
my soul is burning
my palm sweating
the need of feeling her body’s warmth
against my cold skin is more now
and that’s when she whispers
her sound melting in my ears
like a honeycomb
“I want you”
and I feel more excited
my body now trembling
we move fast
we move slow
her body is whispering
mine is following
and we both feel this energy
this synergy
this excitement and nervousness
that we can’t stop giggling
like it still is the first time.

I pick her up gently
she is playing with my hair
I put her in the bed
and kiss her in her forehead
gently moving downwards
the fire is burning again
I am pulled towards her
and she is pulled towards me
there is no space to live
there is no air to breathe
we both are left gasping
but the time is not to be wasted
although it did seem to be still
as we moved on to be one.


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