Day 4.


(A wishlist)

Number one – his name and learning how to pronounce it
(does it make two wishes or can I make it one?)
add his number and memorizing it by heart to it as well.
Number two – a small house made up of bricks and wooden doors,
carved windows, tiled roofs and mud
in the middle of nowhere and everywhere
Number three – typing typing typing in the computer
or writing writing writing in my notebook
in the middle of the night
sipping warm tea
and listening to him strumming his guitar
as he tries to calm me down
but no, I won’t calm down
my handwriting is flowing like a stream
and my pen is too slow for my brain
which brings us to number four –
a machine that can record my thoughts
so that I no longer need to type them all down
so that I won’t have to worry about forgetting these words
and letters and lines
while walking down my favourite gallie
that smells of wet earth for
they’ve never seen the face of the sun
or even a tiny ray.
Number five – a hexagonial sign painted in green and red
that says no Dogs allowed
and Cats too, and babies, definitely babies.
Now it’s a different thing if you are a tiger
or a chimpanzee or a snake,
Number six – traveling around the world
far and wide,
climbing the snowy mountains,
going for jungle safari following footprints,
driving scooter in the alleys of Italy,
sleeping in boathouse in Kashmir,
and learning about the Mayan culture in Peru,
the list goes on and on.
Number seven – him
waiting for me to come home
with the letters he would never send,
while I would write him letters and postcards
from each place I visited.
Number eight – a little girl
in the middle of the ghost town
the war torn country
a reminder of my past.
Number nine – a private library
with racks as tall as the room
as wide as the wall,
full of books on love, life and happiness
and tears, wars and sadness
and poetry, stories and comic strips –
calvin and hobbes, and The Little Prince.
Number ten – love
deep and passionate love
that might see up and down in coming years
(otherwise it would get plain boring)
that will include fight, fury, and steamed momos
against the world, with each other for each other
And finally number eleven
strength, courage and patience
to chase out these wishes
even if it means countless sleepless nights
and tired body that might not want to pick up the fight
but it will,
for wishes, like dreams
are to be achieved
otherwise, you will forever live in regret,
be haunted by the ghost of your childhood dreams.


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