End of a chapter

It’s sad
when the butterfly is no longer there in your stomach
when heart stop beating loud, there’s no more thud.. thud
when you stop breathing hard
even when he looks at you.
It’s sad
as you feel calm and cold
instead of the usual anxiety
nervousness, out of breath,
no more fiddling with your shoes,
even when he speaks.

His voice doesn’t melt you anymore,
his sight doesn’t excite you.
He no longer has that power over you,
no more weak knees,
and stuttering
no more going blank in the middle of sentence
no more absent-mindedness.
Your passion for him is fading
like an old painting
and an old memory.
Your feeling is disappearing
like lost souls in war
and is replaced by indifference.
Hope he doesn’t come back haunting
like an old dream.


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