Musicians are SEXY!!!

There have been numerous posts about date this type of person or date someone who does something. This is nothing like that. But I have noticed myself falling for musicians a lot. Although, I had my share of crushes who were sportsperson or actors or dancers or just nothing sort of such, lately it’s been musicians. And it’s not just about the music they create. So here is my accumulation on why I find musicians supersexy.

1) They create music. Well isn’t that just a perfect reason to find them sexy? They are a creator. I find creators very sexy. Very very sexy. Especially those who create notes and tones and weird signals that when played becomes music.

2) They are passionate. Everyone who is passionate about something is sexy, whether it’s music or some chemical equations or mathematics problems. Seriously. If you forget to eat, drink, sleep because you can’t simply get your passion out of your mind then you don’t even need to have abs. Okay having abs might add a plus point there, my friend.

3) They make you feel special. Even when they are not performing their originals. Even when the ones they are performing was originally meant for someone else (their exes or just former crushes or just…). Even if they are doing it amidst hundreds of people. They will make you feel special because you will just know that despite of the said facts, at that time, they are performing just for you.

4) They will make you feel calm. Everybody knows that when we need to feel calm, we turn to music. I listen to John Mayer, Maroon 5, One Republic, Ed Sheeran, and many more depending upon the situation. And when someone performs for me live, I am sure I will be the calmest person in the world (who will faint soon because someone is performing for her!!!)

5) A point more if they sing (and write songs). I mean come on – you write songs, you compose music and you sing? Are you a genius or what? I can’t do even one of them (well I try writing songs but they suck a big time, always). If the musicians can sing, even if they’re back vocals or they have just a bit better voice than mine, I can go drooling over them. All the time.

6) Because they are sexy. Now imagine this. A musician performing – guitar, piano, flute or any instrument. And they are performing so passionately that they have gone very deep with their eyes close. They make you want to close your eyes and get drown with them. Yes, can you see how attractive they are?

7) Seriously, they are sexy. Each time I see a musician with their instrument, I don’t care how they are dressed up, if they’re cute enough, how their hair is like or other things I notice when I see a normal person. I just see  them and their instrument. That’s enough for me.


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