Untitled (1)

Let me breathe.
In and out,
in and out.
Slowly and quickly.
There’s no hurry,
but I feel the rush.

Somewhere inside something cringes.
Somewhere inside something vanishes.
I feel lost,
not in my thoughts,
nor in feelings.
I feel lost in me.
And I know it’s not a good sign,
so I try to figure out,
what cringed in me
what disappeared.

There’s a calm inside of me,
hence I await a storm.
There is always a storm,
it gets nastier like a tornado,
as day passes by,
as second ticks off,
goes my watch,
I feel disgenerated.

Instead I wish,
I was disjointed,
flesh by flesh,
limbs, arms and body.
I was divided,
into more than head-body-legs,
I was symmetrical,
I was torn apart.

But I am one
and my body parts are one.
All they feel is what I feel,
calm but something’s going on,
deeper inside,

Hence I breathe,
inside out
in and out
slowly but quickly
yes, there’ no hurry
but there is the rush
of finding what cringed
and what disappeared.


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