Travel Diary 101

When I first heard I would be travelling to Chitwan (thus this post) alone, I was thrilled. This is it. I told myself. My first alone-trip. My first step to traveling around the world alone dream. My mom and rest of the female members of my family weren’t very happy about it though. “Alone?” they said with a sound of amusement and disapproving. “Yuss, alone I said. Alone and free.” But sadly I wasn’t alone in that trip as I had planned. Strangers-later-turned-acquaintances were with me. On the other hand, I still take that journey as a first step to travel around the world alone dream. And here’s why.

My first travelling experience was pretty young. We went to Lumbini – my mom, grandparents, kaka and probably five or six years old I. What I remember from that trip is bits and pieces like traveling in the bus with ads of Aaha chow-chow, sleeping in a hotel room with twin bed I think, going to the pond, the mist. I also remember going to border and buying stuffs – a doll for me and a green colored basket and going to a far relative’s place who taught me how to play golf. My first out-side the country journey was to Lucknow in India with school friends and teachers. We went for ICSQC. I was in Grade IX. During my college, each year we were required to travel to parts of the country for 15 days with two supervisor. And during the last year, we went to Bandipur for 10 days without any adult supervision (not that we weren’t adult by then). So in some way, my Chitwan trip was my first trip without any known friends. This means, I am reaching my goal pretty soon and life is just making me ready for that day, when I will pack my bags and leave, without a physical presence of any soul but myself with me, when I would write letters and postcards back home.

And I am desperately waiting for that day.



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