The boy who smiled at me (2.0)

To the boy who smiled at me. Thank you. For smiling at me when we were still stranger. For being the notion of rain when the mud floor of my heart was cracking up. For being the calmer when I had mood swings. And for being my friend when I felt alone.

Let me tell you one thing.

I will be there. Every time you would need me. I will be there, even when you would push me away. I will be there, when you want to be alone or when you would need a soul to listen to your worries. I will be there.

Come to me with your insecurities, come to me as you are. Bad days along with the good ones, wounds and scars with the smiles and laugh. I will take them as they are. I will try to make it better for you.

And every time you have doubts on your dreams,  I will remind you of them. Every time you get distracted, I will bring you back to your way. I am here to make it okay.

I promise you I won’t runaway. Not today, not tomorrow. Not ever after. Even when you want me to. Even when you say you don’t want me there. I will stay. Because I love you, even with your dark side for I know you do the same with mine.


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