On the shores of Shunya – I

On the shores of Shunya,
as people talk about poems, words and writings,
I suddenly remember the time we’d spent,
counting people and feeling home,
in the middle of Mangal bazzar ,
where the brick-red tiles were un-neatly arranged.
We would talk about everyday life,
my craves for momos and yours for coke,
and our silly big dreams
holding each other’s hands without holding at all.

The black coffee strongly reminds me
of the first tea I had with you
sitting on a steel bench
amidst the crowd at People’s Plaza,
on the birthday I couldn’t celebrate
and all the teas and coffees we had afterwards
at that cafe in Basantapur we always went to
and one at Lagankhel
and how you’d always been there
through ups and downs
the smiles and frowns.

Now, waiting for the crammed micro to turn up at Soaltee mod,
I wonder how your journey has been,
in the uncrammed big bus.
Have you reached where you wanted to reach?
did you find what you’d been searching for?
the dreams you wanted to have,
the life you wanted to live,
the stories you wanted to hear
the songs you wanted to sing
and people you wanted to be with?
Am I there with you?

I wonder if you think of me at these times,
while you’re busy doing something else
discovering and uncovering yourself.
When the lushes of greens pass you by
or the banners that read best chiya found here .
Do you wonder if I ever wonder about you?
Am I there with you?
Breathing in your thoughts?
Beating in your memories?
Am I there with you?
Are we together without being together at all?


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