Things you need to do

I am that kind of girl who needs constant reminders. Time and again. Even to do things I love. Last night (after the goodnights and bye-byes) was a disaster. Today morning was more. So here is the list of things I need to remind myself of. Things I need to do. Because sometimes, you end up alone with no other clue. This one’s for the days like yesterday. 

a) Travel: Because that’s what you have been wanting to do since you were a kid. Go to places, meet people, laugh, learn and fall in love. Far and wide.

b) Write: Possibly a book or just words jumbled up together. It doesn’t matter, it never did. Just pour your heart out through words, because     that’s the only thing you know and you love (besides sleeping and eating of course).

c) Learn: Everyday, each moment. Improve on what you’re good at and what you’re not. By reading books or by experiencing things.

d) Do things: New things, or old ones that make you smile.

e) Make mistakes: Otherwise you will never learn a thing. But not the same one. Do not be afraid and definitely do not regret.

f) Be happy: And spread happiness. Smile, every time you’re alone. Every time you think you’re alone. Laugh, with you friends and family. At  your self and at situations you are in.

And finally,

f) Find someone, who cooks, washes, scrubs, cleans, sing, writes, reads, plays some instrument, cheers your team or if not, then at least not fight with you about which team is better. Because he loves you.


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