Regret looks like the never-ending lines of pilgrims
with tired face after walking for hours.
It sounds like him gasping for air while talking to you on the phone,
as he too, is among them
And tastes like the chocolate ice-cream they have on their way,
while resting under a shade in the hot sunny day
It smells like warm tea being distributed,
in the bahal near you, for them
and feels like an emptiness and heaviness in your heart,
a sad smile and teary eyes everywhere.

Regret is not being able to go to Dipankha Yatra
for he asked you not to.
It is missing once in a lifetime opportunity,
one that you had been waiting for all your life
Regret is killing one of your dreams
because you couldn’t fight with him for it anyway.

Regret is love
The reason why you didn’t go,
you didn’t want to break his heart,
thus you broke your dream
Regret is life,
You got the chance only when
you were not supposed to grab it,
a chance to live your dream .


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