Dear you,
Let me take this opportunity to invite myself to your place (or anywhere in the world) this Friday because we have lot to share ;). And I am not sure how’s your phone acting on and I feel lazy to email so I am writing this post (I planned on this before trying your phone :P)

Dear you,
I bumped into this tumblr. I discovered something recently and I loved what I saw. Learnt something about my love and couldn’t be happier.

Dear you,
It takes me immense pleasure to say that you are reaching there wherever you wanted to reach. Few more steps away. Few more paths and ways. Your poems are cuter and amazing, better than before.

Dear you,
I miss you very much. I miss you so bad that I am re-listening to all the John Mayer’s songs I have in my playlist for I know only you would understand.

Dear you,
I am in love with you again. Again and again. And I know you are in love with me too.

Blank State
(for you can write your name on me anytime you want to)


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