If we were lovers
we would be both fearless and fragile
holding each other tight,
cuddling in one of those nights,
when one of us is going through pain.
that comes once in a month.
We would both be strong and weak
exchanging our clothes
coz we fit in perfectly
making each other’s hair,
and face and nails.

Lovers-Image copyright

Dear you,
I miss you so bad,
come back to fb soon.
Taken by Mr. AS

And we would be crazier than
those crazy lovers out there,
for we would understand each other perfectly,
my words would be out of your mouth,
your thoughts would be out from mine,
you would know exactly,
how to calm me down
and how to make me feel loved
and I would know
which dish would make you happy,
which line from which poem would make you cry
and which song would make you just you.

If we were lovers,
we both would write
poems and stories
for each other,
about each other
whether we would be fighting or making love
and our battles wouldn’t last much longer
because we are soul-mates
soul sisters,
our souls entangled with each others.
If we were lovers,
we would be perfect,
no assholes and no stupid fellas,
and definitely no heart-breaks.


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