Let Me Down.

I waited for you to come
but you let me down,
And this ain’t the first time at all.
Mama told me not to trust you
all men are same, she’d said.
They promise to meet you up on a Saturday
but forget about it when they have meetings with someone else
they tell you to be there when everyone’s gone
but they are the first one to leave you broken
they tell you they’d be friends with you
in case you ever forget them from Alzheimer’s
but they are the ones to delete you from their friends list
the first chance they get
they tell you they’d write a story for you
but from then on you will never hear about it again.
Mama told me not to trust you.
but I didn’t listen to her
and I should have.
the first time I waited for you and you didn’t show up
a teacher had to drop me off to home.
the second time, I asked a friend to lend me few bucks to take a bus
the third time?? I was already big enough to walk home
yet there was fourth time and fifth time and probably 100th after that.
And still I waited for you, for all this time.

People say do what your mama says
and I should have
but i didn’t
maybe that’s why
I keep on waiting for you
and you keep on failing me.


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