I have always walked home alone. Well not always. but most times of my life. Whether it was in school or college. I lived in the other side of the town than most of my friends. The only time I didn’t go home alone was during high school. I had friends walking with me then. Friends and seniors and juniors. And looking back, that was one of the most amazing moments I have. Making noises along the way, feeling alive. I still remember the gullies we took and panipuris and pastries of Julies. I still remember the jokes, the laughters and fun.

But for the rest of my life, I have been walking alone.  Despite of living in the so called heart of the city. All my life I have been visiting places to meet my friends up. Despite living in a place where people come to hangout at. And it’s kinda sad, coming to think about it. It;s kinda sad that most of the times, I am coming home alone. While most of my friends live in same part of the town.

The thing is even if we met at a middle point, all of my friends would be travelling together towards the same destination. I, on the other hand, would be journeying towards the opposite end. And that’s kinda sad.

It’s not that I hate walking alone. For god’s sake I love walking alone. I love it when my thoughts are undisturbed. I love it as I can totally remember few memories I had made with people. Walking alone helps me appreciate company and makes me concentrate about my dreams. I get inspiration while walking alone. I don’t have any problem about walking alone. I don’t even know why I am writing this. But they told me that writing helps. And that’s why I am writing.


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