Home is not a home anymore.
It merely is 4 walls and a roof.
The bed though sinks you in,
warms you no more.
Instead of laughter and smiles from your memories,
the rooms now greet you with a deafening silence.
And blinding darkness that haunts you down
Like that childhood dream you killed a long time back.

Home doesn’t feel safe anymore,
Your mom isn’t there to hug you and make it alright.
Now you are on your own,
Your dad will not come to rescue you every time you’re in mess.
Home now is a place you fear going to,
There are voices waiting for you every night.
They keep you awake and make you suffer.
They strangle you till the last drop of air you breathe.
They tell you things that make you lost,
Lose your hope and
hope is not a home anymore.
You just wish to  run away from it.


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