On a Weekend Note.

Today I took a wrong turn. Climbed into a wrong bus. Walked the street I hadn’t done for a long time. Remember few memories of rain, flood and two important women in my life.

Today I tried two different places to eat in my home turf. Learnt a gully, laughed out loud, and just relaxed with my boss.

Today I wish I was telling you about him. Instead I think of things that doesn’t remind me.

Today as I listen to this other him, I realized I have missed the other him for a long time.

Today I wish I could tell a story to a friend.

Today or rather few days ago, I was told that most of the people mistaken me as a lover of a friend. I couldn’t be more happy, I wish I was your lover dear friend, (Poem coming soon 😀 )

Today I want to be a child again.

Today I miss Baa very much.

Today I become a child again.


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