Me, You and Her – I

I wish I could pour out my heart to you,
in real,
but seeing my blood dripping out of my fingers
as my heart beats in my hand, rather than my body
might freak you out
instead I end up writing you-will-no-longer-remember-tomorrow lines
and make your eyes teary.
But she, she pours out her heart in a cute sketch
and you get mesmerized
you have already forgotten about my lines that once made you cry.
This makes my heart feel heavy,
I get restless,
jumping from one chat-box to another
hoping that someone would hear me out and understand.
And while trying to find a solace in friends I no longer chat with thanks to load-shedding
and those I do all the time despite the load-shedding,
I bump into you.
You ask me when whats wrong, and I reply nothing.
you then tell me to come on Skype and we video chat
because I’m in my living room with maa and mom watching some TV programs
and we don’t want them questioning me about the guy I am talking to at this hour of night.
I see your face
and wish again to be able to pour out my heart in something better than soon-to-be-forgotten lines.
You see my face and take out your guitar
and pour out your heart to me in songs with and without words
I smile.


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