Our Story.

Sometimes, I feel as if we’ve been married for a long time. Married but living in separate cities because of our work. Especially when he takes care of me like a husband would. Singing songs with and without words, telling me stories. Like that time, around 6 months back, when he used to come to take me home from my work everyday. Till he became sure that I was back to my normal state. And he would make sure I ate on time, drank lots of water and rested well.

Every relationship has a start. The boy and the girl have crush on each other. They feel shy and nervous around each other before admitting that they are in love. We never had that situation. I was always comfortable around him, loud too. We didn’t have any problem sharing our stuffs – from our dreams to hidden secrets. That’s why I feel that we’ve been married for a long time. And that ours was an arranged marriage. Because we both don’t know for real, since when we fell or in our case, realized that we were in love.

I like to think that we got married when we started becoming close to each other without our knowledge. That was almost 1 and half years back. We had already started talking and sharing stuffs but all of sudden that increased rapidly. We supported each other in every way possible. He used to help me out with my work, I used to listen to him and his stories. We would chat and talk almost everyday sometimes whole day joking around. Even at that time, he was  strict about me sleeping on time, I used to nag him about eating , just like a wife would.

And I like to think that the time we first saw each other three years back was our mha: swegu din. The day, usually arranged by the family (in case of arrange marriage), for the boy and girl to see each other.

And we both fell in love only around a year back or even less. We never blushed around each other. I remember telling him that I might like him after thinking about it for more than a month. And even after confessing, we actually never felt the need of being in a relationship, probably because in the back of our heads we already were. Or maybe because even at that time we felt that we were already married. And we would meet during weekends and fall asleep talking to each other on the phone.

Also, we never had the need of impressing each other knowingly. Of course we tried other ways. He sang me songs and I wrote about us. He had his hair cut according to my likeness and I would keep my hair according to his choice. We both have always been comfortable being ourselves around each other. Just like our mom and dad. Old couples.

So when I told him that we might have fallen in love with each other too early, he told me no. “It took us 3 years to do so, just like an arranged married couple.”


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