I love heroes with beard. It gives them extra edge from the clean shave look. Makes me feel that they are just as human as my dad or my brother. Or that guy I have been stealing glances of.

I love it when they are shown weak and vulnerable. When they cry. And get angry. I love it when they behave as bad guys even when they are heroes. They are scared. Confused. Stupid. Selfish. Arrogant. Even annoying. Not just strong, save the world kind of guy.

I love my heroes to be human even if they are much more than that. I love that they want to hit that bully so bad when they were a kid just because they are different. I love that the voice of their moms and aunts always make them feel home and the shoulder of the fathers and uncles make them strong. I am pretty not sure about the death always taking place of someone they love mainly cause I end up crying like hell during those times. But I still love them anyway. I love them as long as they are not picture perfect. They aren’ t all good. They carry some kind of guilt and remorse in themselves because I believe we all have that in us.

I love my heroes to be heroes by being human and by being themselves.


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