Something about books.

I like books that keep me hook till the very end. But leave me restless in between. Make me wanna drop it off and start scribbling in my notebook.

I like books that make me cry. And laugh. And sshhh out loud all the time.

I like books that make me think. About society. History. World. Earth. Love. Life. But mostly about myself. My dream. My passion.

I like coming of age dramas. Where something happens to the character. Where s/he goes through something and at the end, s/he’s more matured and grown up than during start.

I like adventure stories. Where you go through various places, do amazing stuffs and have fun. Whether it’s happening in real or just in your head.

I like books with simple words and sentences. That I can relate to. The strong smell of coffee and taste of dark chocolate. Rain falling in your window pane or rooftop or in your skin.

I like books where the character discovers something. That s/he or they are in search of something. Of love, dreams, passion, future, purpose or life itself. Where they are in a journey. Because I believe we all are in search of something  and are in a journey.

And I hope that one day, I can a write a book or story or poem or even only a line. Just like the books I have read and made me go fall in love with them.


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