Birthday Lesson.

Finally, the day I have (and probably you too) been waiting for has arrived. I had an amazing day today. Full of fun, surprises, laughter and love. But there were lessons too. Lessons that are important in life.

Today, I learnt that there will always be time when you will slip and fall. When you will stumble. You will break things. But that doesn’t mean that when you look back, you only see the wrong side of things. Actually, you usually see the opposite sides. That’s what happened with me today.

The day had a slightly different ending to what I thought of. It wasn’t a happy one. But right now, when I look back and try to recall the moments, I can only remember laughter. I can only remember happiness. And love. Almost all my closest-friends and beyond from college gathered up to be with me. We all met at out usual hangout, Mangalbazar. And then went  to eat, laugh, crack jokes, and observe the Jaatra of Rato Machhindranath.

Surprises soon followed. A dear friend of mine and I had once made a pact. To give surprise in each other’s birthday. Mine comes first and I got a wonderful. She with help of her sister and friend printed 35 posts of my blog and bound it to make a book. I cried seeing this. And other 3 friends got me a diary and wallet. And Cake (my very first birthday cake with candles – magic one it was, couldn’t blow it off :D). And another friend got me a pen-drive that’s suppose to be my very own private notepad with a lock. He kept a password so that no one gets to read my first book when I finish it. 😀 That was a very thoughtful one.  🙂

So, this was how I realize that happiness is always greater than sorrows. That you look back at life or people, and all you remember is happy memories. No heart-breaks, tears, sadness, mistakes and regrets. Just happy memories and smiles. So maybe, life ain’t that bad at all. No matter what. 🙂 This was the birthday lesson for me 🙂






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