Resolution 21.

Since I already kept a year review, I thought having resolution wouldn’t do any harm either. So here’s the list of my resolutions for this year (no 2070 B.S. or 2013 A.D. but for my 21st year).

  1. Change my look:  This year, I am going to get a new pair of glasses. And have my hair style changed. I am going to look better but still be me 😉
  2. Take better care of myself: After reading an inspiring Op-Ed from Angelina Jolie, I am thinking about getting a medical check up. Besides that, this year I will be focusing in being more healthy starting from drinking lots of water and eating right and exercise sometimes. Also, I will take care of my skin and my hair.
  3. Improve my writing: I am going to improve my writing. Learn more. Practice more. I am actually thinking about studying writing, but that’s still more than a year away phase. Anyway, I’m going to concentrate on my writing this year as I realized this is where I belong, among words.
  4. Read more: They say the first step in writing is reading. Same goes with improvements I’m sure. Also, I simply love them. Their smell and their feel. So, this year, I will be reading lots of book. Be a member of a library. Exchange more books with friends.
  5. Learn a new form of art: Well I am thinking of spreading my wings. A friend of mine time and again reminds me that we have got only one life. So, I have decided to spread out in terms of creativity. And learn about various form of art from doodling to dancing. Last year, I got a chance to learn Slam Poetry, I’m going to dwell into something else this year.
  6. Travel: And travel. Because I like travelling and not just be a tourist. I would love to go to places this year. Hiking, trekking, camping and just vacationing. I hope I’ll get chances.
  7. Help out mom: I’m not a big fan of kitchen works and other house-hold works but I would love to help mom around. Because I know, it’s hard to be a working woman in Nepal (now that I work, I realize that more).
  8. Minimize my negative emotion: Because nowadays I fight a lot. And I really don’t like it. Getting angry, having a heavy heart. Because I know, it hurts a lot to all of us. So, I would love to decrease the anger.

That’s it. For this year. Will be posting pics if possible to prove that I did manage to fulfill my resolution. See you when I’m 21 🙂


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