I have always been obsessed with my birthdays. I’m sure by now you have gotten that hint, since this is my second post about birthdays. I’m sure I will post more till my birthday actually arrive.

Anyway, like I was saying, I am obsessed with my birthdays. I simply love them. And I have no idea why. I don’t celebrate it like most people. I don’t remember cutting cakes and blowing candles. I don’t remember doing birthday parties and doing treats. But still, birthday always have been one of my favourite days even if it took all the wrong turns.

The very first thing I do when calendar of the upcoming year arrives in my home is search for my birthday. Since I celebrate it according to the lunar calendar, I do calculations, check it, then re-check it and then make sure of it. After that, I announce it to my friends and family. This usually happens a month before my birthday depending upon the arrival of calendar. Since my birthday falls on April-May, which is usually on Baisakh, the first month in Nepali Calendar, announcement can go live from April to even first week of May. It all depends on when my birthday falls that year and when the calendar comes home.

After the announcement, I keep on reminding my friends about my birthday because I know there is huge chance of them forgetting it. And still few of them do forget it sadly. But on the other hand, since I usually talk about my day only to very few close friends, it always comes as a surprise when others wish me as well. Even if it’s in Facebook. Like last time when I kept on getting wishes for at least a week. And a year before that, when a friend who would be a close one in near future inboxed my with a wish.

I love reading wishes. And love counting them. On my day, I actually wait near by the phone for wishes from family members. And friends.

Maybe that’s why I am obsessed with birthdays. Also adding the point that I love the fact that I’m usually youngest in my circle and I love my age, no matter how old I am. 😉


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