Of Moods and Swings

There are times, when you just feel like cranking up. But then you don’t know why.  You just feel like screaming and shouting at everyone who passes you by. And throwing tantrums. Even wishing to shower them with punches and kicks.

Instead, you stay online and talk to people. Find few close friends and start complaining about stuffs. Find one to shout at. He listens to you silently, trying to make you calm. But today you’re not giving him any chance. And then you find the next and he just laughs off. And then you start on another. Explaining situation, you’re on the verge of shouting at her. She black-mails.

“रिसाउछौ मसित?” she says. I laugh.

Then he tells you to go and shout in the Bardali in a low voice. You feel refreshed. You try listening to songs but you stop. It’s not helping.

Hence, you just let it be. Let yourself turn into snappy, cranky, always shouting, forever angry for this time. You continue browsing Facebook and working. You continue chatting, but this time reading what they have to say. And blurt, vent, rant, ramble, mumble and grumble to yourself. And you cry.


2 thoughts on “Of Moods and Swings

  1. When you are a writer, you have to deal with few occupational hazards. Writers are mad creatures and it’s the madness that keeps them going. If you have noticed, you are most creative when you are in troubled state of mind.

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