Rain has arrived.

I love the smell of the rain. Actually the smell of the moist air and soil when it rains. It reminds me of freshness in the atmosphere and the view of green woods.

I love the touch of rain-drops in my skin. It feels like the touch of your lover, giving you tingles all over your body every time it touches you and chill down your spine.

I love the sound of rain each time the drops fall on the windowpane and roofs and the streets. Or just the sound of the speed of rain. For me it is the most amazing musical note I can ever hear.

I love it when during rainfall, people who otherwise were busy walking as fast as possible would all rush to the shelter, leaving the streets wide open.

I love rain when I am sad or happy or simply in normal mood. Rain excites me and calms me down at the same time.

I love rain when I have been searching for inspiration. It brings me memories and makes me smile and sometimes, making me write.

I love watching rainfall while sipping hot cup of tea from the window of my kitchen, seeing colours and water splashing over each other through umbrellas and puddles.

I love taste of hot mo:mo while the outside world is getting drenched.

I love the fact that rain makes time stand still. Even if just for a while.

And luckily, I live in a country where rain visits us thrice a year. A week or more during March-April along with heavy wind and thunder. Almost 2-3 Months during June/July and winter monsoon during November-February with hailstorms and snowfall in colder places.


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