One Day.

I had another great day today. From the morning. Let me start.

It all started with seeing my mom chittering-chattering like a child when she made pasta for my brother’s lunch. This was the first time she was making pasta and she was all excited about it. It always feels great to see the twinkle in her eyes when she is happy about the new things she does like learning computer or making pasta. Also, today I finally got to wear my favourite pair of shoes that I fondly call Gurju-lankaa because Gurju (the Newari-Buddhist priest) wears them all the time. It’s really a  nice and comfy pair of shoes that goes with every pair of jeans I own. And I got to wear it after almost a month, so you can imagine how happy I was.

Then, I went to visit a sick-or-not-so-sick friend who got into a deadly accident last Tuesday. You can read what happened over here :

A friend of mine tagged along with me as his house was near hers. The moment we entered inside, he immediately fell in love with her dad’s guitar and felt sad to leave it until it was late for me to go back home. While he played some tune and later songs, me and my friend A. (I call her my soul-sister too), talked about so many things. It had really been a long time since I had one-on-one (face-to-face) talk with her. So, we went on rambling and gossiping about our lives. She ended up knowing a story of mine that probably all my close friends know yet they do not know. And it was fun, telling her stories about the first time I saw someone  and the journey afterwards. And bitching about these two writer guys we both know and do not like. And about writing. And our usual dramas. And listening to songs in between all these.

It was a good day indeed. Totally unexpected but total fun. Plus, I got to drink 4 cups of tea today. The only regret, I should have agreed when asked for dance. I hope that comes soon again, the asking part at least.


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