Blogs and More Blogs!

This might be the umpteenth time I might have been talking about this blog that I recently bumped into. But there is more. Because of this blog, I have bumped into other many blogs and well I am in love with all of them.

Right now, with many windows open of different blogs from WordPress and blogger, I finally feel home. As if I’m in a bookshop/library and I’m reading these amazing thoughts of people who are real and not the celebrity types. And I love what I’m read.

I remember talking to a friend about our future generation missing out the feeling I feel every time I go to a bookshop or a library. Well obviously, you can have that overwhelming feeling with the blogs (I discovered that feeling just now) but sadly you cannot smell the papers. But reading these blogs, these thoughts and emotions and dreams and wishes expressed through words and made immortals forever makes you wanna write more of yours. You know, how for weeks you complain about not being able to write anything and one day all those words about different topics come to you. I already have thought about the post I’m gonna write tomorrow! Hehe!

Anyway this is where I stop as I need to sleep. Good-whichevertimeyoureadthis- to-you!


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