The Love Affair!

Ever since I was a kid or rather a teenager (:P), I was in love. Love with the idea of being in love. Love with love itself. Love with this perfect-dream guy that I recently named Mr. InvisibleAnd I was open for love. Anyone could be that Mr. Invisible for me. The guy that keep on passing me by every day on the street or the one from that basketball competition. The idea of love didn’t just come from sappy-romantic movies and books but from the theory that we all are made in pair. Like light has darkness as its counterpart, day has night, Ying has Yang and peace has war, I always believed there was someone somewhere made for me.

But still, I always fail to define love. Love always meant different things to me at different times. I still don’t know how to configure whether a certain emotion is Love or just Crush and Infatuation. But something that I’ve realized, something that I have been telling to people is you can never force love to come your way. And you can never force love to move out. I think love comes and love goes when the time is right. I remember wanting to fall in love so bad at one point of time and I remember  telling love that I wasn’t ready for it at all soon afterwards. But love never listened to me. It just came and went as its wish. But one thing is for sure I have never been afraid of it.

There are many people I know who are afraid of love. And that is understandable. After all , with love come heart-breaks, jealousy, anger, frustration, depression, mood swings and what not. But what I know is love has always been that. Ever since the beginning. And it is all about taking risk and accepting the risk and dealing with it. And never giving up. On person as long as you can, and if you cannot, then on love itself. I read somewhere that love perseveres, it’s people who change and I agree. You are never out of love. It’s there somewhere, in the corner of your heart.

And now, after writing all this, I’m sure you will be wondering whether I am in love. And I will say yuss, I have always been. With different people at different times, different people at same time, same people at different times. I have always been and will always because I find parts of Mr. Invisible in each of them .


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