Just a piece of my mind right now!

Life. It’s so hard to define it and harder to describe and elaborate.

Life. In one second you are in one point and in another second, you are driven to the next one.

Life. It’s difficult to understand and yet we live without questioning. Some of us try to rebel while others just give in to whatever comes to us saying it is our fate.

I try looking back and see who I was before and who I am now. I compare – life. Life of the little girl for whom heart-breaks were just a nightmare that never came true and life of the now grown up girl for whom heart-breaks were a lesson learnt. I try to figure out whether memories are good or bad. They do pain at times while other times gives essence to what we are and what we have. Without the memories, probably what we lived would be a vacuum, nothing to reflect upon, nothing to cherish.

We meet new people every day. With some, we click easily while with others, we take time. Some stay with us forever no matter the distance or the time difference or the busyness we both go through. Others just come and go. They stay for a little and then leave without a trace.

And then there are dreams. Dream that are the sole fuel for our life. Sole reason.  And love. The fuel for our dreams and for our soul. Dreams and love both stifles similar emotions in us. Doubt, fear, jealousy, selfishness, greed and much more. We all are afraid to take the next step, to take the risk because of the stories we have told ourselves that we’re not worth our dreams and our loved ones. But love and dreams also stifles passion in us. Many times dreams and love go in a different way and we have to choose between one. But during rare times, they both mean the same path. Dreams and love, they just support and sustain each other.

And maybe this is what life is. Memories and people in it. Moving on; sometimes together, sometimes alone. And more importantly, dreams and love. Maybe this is what life is or maybe not. Who gives a damn! All I want to do now is live my life to the fullest. Experience every emotion there is from love to hatred, anger to kindness. Meet people and take a chance with them, not giving a shit about whether they are brave enough to stay or braver enough to move on without me. Follow my dreams, silly they are but I know if I really believe in them and work my  out, I will succeed. And love. Love like I do not own that person and hence I’m never going to lose him/her at all.


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