Changing Dreams, Changing Perspective

I no longer dream of a brand new world. Or of end of poverty and hunger or long wars that has been going on for years and years. I no longer dream of big-bang success as well. And of not having to struggle or fight. Because within these past few days or weeks or months or years, I have learnt that they aren’t possible.

I learnt that a brand new world doesn’t exist. Instead, we need to learn to see the same world from a different perspective. And if poverty and hunger ends, then we will have nothing left to fight for. Fight, is a very essential part of life, I think. And so is struggle. And success comes from little steps you first take and little things you do.

I no longer want to dream of big things that seemed concrete but you aren’t pretty sure about it. Rather, I think of focusing on little things that might seem vague and cliched but explodes little joys in heart. I feel that you have to give equal effort and work hard equally whether your dreams are big or small. And while big dreams bring happiness for once, small ones bring them time and  again. Hence, I prefer smaller ones, the ones that are harder to recognize.

Today, I dream of sunrise and sunsets and full moons and starry nights. I dream of joy in the eyes of a child with a balloon or Jhirjhirey. Of colours and flavours and of murmurs of the crowdy street and warmth from feeling loved. I dream of touching people’s life not by being directly involved but by inspiring them to chase their dreams and passion. Of struggling – with myself and with the rest of the world for something I believe in. Finally, I dream of love and smiles and laughter. Of little things like having one more cup of tea in the night, or getting treats for no reason or whispering with my girls and giggling with my mom.

My dream has been limited to myself today. To the things I see, hear, taste, smell and feel. To the things that might be vague but is real to me. With every day, I feel that my dreams are transforming with myself. My dreams have become more me and I believe with time, it will be totally incorporated in me. 🙂

(Author’s Note: This post has been written as a counter-part to, writer’s no-longer in use blog)



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